General Knowledge Quiz – 5 Tips to Making Quizzes Successful

If you enjoy compiling General Knowledge Quizzes then you are probably looking at ways of making them successful. It’s not just a case of throwing 10s of questions and answers together but also getting and keeping an audiences interest. If you look at the tips below your general knowledge quiz can go from being used in a family and friends environment to having exposure to potentially 1000’s of people from around the world. latest hp govt jobs


  1. Never be country specific. Keep your general knowledge quiz as broad as possible and that means trying avoid writing questions that only culture would know. That doesn’t mean you can’t write your questions and answers on a country but it does mean you need to be careful not to bring in TV programs that are only shown in a certain country or local history that other nationals wouldn’t get.
  2. Write enough questions and answers for 40 minutes in an office environment that way is used for another event in a pub or club they will last about over an hour. About 50-60 questions and answers per general knowledge quiz compiled. You can do quicker ones but be sure that you keep to the same format.
  3. Get them on social media websites. Create your own group one that either you place the quizzes onto or that links where you’ve hosted it. If your interested in trying to make money then put links to the hosted as most social network don’t generally allow such systems like AdSense and whilst you might be able to put a link to something that may make you money easier to move.
  4. Keep your general knowledge quiz questions and answer in one place to start with. This is where people will start to look and get used to so don’t move it. Maybe get yourself onto a good blogging host that allows advertising. Now don’t expect to be able to retire but if your regular and people enjoy your quizzes then they will start to hit the advert on your website.
  5. Ask a pub if they want you to compile the general knowledge quiz questions they’ll often snap your hand off as it’s time consuming. Make sure you get them to plug your blog for your efforts and see if they’ll pay you never know. Make sure if you do get your quiz accepted that you don’t publish it on line until the pub quiz has been done.


Remember that generally there isn’t a great deal of money in creating quizzes. Although if you enjoy expanding your own general knowledge then it does mean that you have an interesting hobby that could pay you a little bit of extra cash. You never know if you do it right you could make more money than you expect.

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