How To Catch A Rainbow Trout – 3 Tips To Help You Catch More Trout When Trout Fishing

If you want to know how to catch a rainbow trout this article is for you. Below, I will outline three tips to help you catch a rainbow trout on your next trout fishing excursion. These beautiful fish can be found in both rivers and lakes and can be fairly easy to catch. This is especially true with small rainbow trout, trout that are between six to twelve inches in length, especially if the trout that you are fishing for have been recently stocked.

What is a stocked rainbow trout you ask? A stocked trout is simply a fish that has been bred by humans for the express purpose of being stocked or planted into a waterway to replenish native trout populations and/or be caught by anglers. Many states stock trout in their waterways and many fishermen fish for these stocked trout. But the bottom line is that a stocked trout has been raised in captivity and is then released into the wild, many times for the purpose of being caught. These trout tend to be much easier to catch than rainbow trout that have been born and lived naturally in a waterway. Stocked trout that have survived a couple of fishing seasons in a given waterway tend to become much more difficult to catch than the “freshly stocked” brethren as well. In any case this is what a stocked trout is.

If you want to learn how to catch a rainbow trout or just how to catch more trout on you next trout fishing outing, add the following 3 tips to your trout fishing arsenal sooner rather than later.


  • Make Sure You Use Light Fishing Line – Many anglers make the mistake of using fishing line that’s entirely too heavy when they are fishing for trout. In almost all cases trout are found in cold, clear water which means that your fishing line will be visible to the fish if it’s too heavy. For more than twenty years I have used four pound test monofilament when fishing for rainbow trout with great success. Lighter line than this is good also, but difficult to tie knots in and use effectively. Six pound test is okay as well, but any line heavier than six pound test should be avoided when fishing for rainbow trout. Raibow trout
  • Make Sure That Your Use Small Fishing Hooks – For the same reason as the tip above (that trout are found in clear water) small fishing hooks should always be used when you are trout fishing. If your fishing hooks are too large they will be visible to the trout, which isn’t a good thing when you are trout fishing because if a tout can see your hook (or hooks) they are much less apt to bite your offering. Gang hooks, which are simply a pair of small hooks tied in tandem, are an excellent way to make sure that you are using small fishing hooks. If you are trout fishing for rainbow trout with Powerbait and a treble hook the perfect size treble hook is a #12.
  • Use A Fishing Vest – Whether you are fishing for rainbow trout in a lake with Powerbait or trying to catch a trout in a river with a live worm, the easiest and most effective way to carry all of your trout fishing gear on the water when you are trout fishing is a fishing vest. Many times fishing vests are thought of as being for fly fishermen only, but they are very effective for spin fishermen as well.


Whether you are learning how to catch a rainbow trout for the first time or if you have been chasing these beautiful fish for years, these simple tips will help you experience more trout fishing success.


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