How to Make a Website – The 5 Vital Steps

Here are the 5 vital steps to building a website;

1. Decide whether you need a small website with just a few pages, or a larger website. This will help you decide the answer to step two.

2. You either need website software, website templates or a web host that has website designs/templates as part of the package.

3. Webspace to host your website.

4. Learn some basic HTML.

5. Research the keywords to use for each page of your website.

Let’s look at these steps in more detail;

The size of your website.

You may simply want a single page that tells people a little about what you do. My first website was about 3 pages. I didn’t understand the power of the Internet at that stage. I just thought that having a web page would save me money because I wouldn’t need expensive leaflets any more that told people about my business. The website could do it all. I had my domain name printed onto business cards and was very happy to keep it at that level.

After a few years my website started to get visitors via the search engines and that’s when I started to explore how to make a website in depth.

The larger the website you build, the more free visitors you will get (as long as you understand Search Engine Optimisation, more on that later). So, if you are building a website to either promote an existing business, or to make money from the website in it’s own right (for example by having adverts on the site from which you make an income), bigger is usually better.

Website templates, software and webhosting.

It’s very tempting to look for free templates and the cheapest software because we all like to save costs don’t we. However if you want to build a website bigger than a single page, don’t cut costs at this stage, it’s a really false economy.

I started out using 1&1 who provide web hosting, design templates and much more. I still have some of my early websites hosted with them. They are very good. However about 3 years ago I came across an even better option. I have dedicated an entire section of my main website to them because I have been so impressed. More about that shortly. e poe tegemine

Basic HTML.

Whatever system you decide to use, a basic knowledge of HTML is useful. (HTML is a code used for building webpages). There are plenty of websites which will give you the basics for free. Just do a search for ‘HTML codes’.

Research your website subjects keywords.

This is a very crucial part of the website building process. Most people focus on creating a nice design and think that if the site looks attractive they will get lots of visitors… Wrong! People won’t even find your site (unless you spend heavily on advertising it) unless you understand keywords.

The web package I now use exclusively, not only shows you how to make a website (via an in-depth video course & online written course) but importantly it includes an invaluable keyword tool like no other I have ever used.

The result of that tool is that a website I started 18 months ago is getting 600+ visitors a day with no advertising costs. And I’m still adding pages to it!

A website I built 5 years ago, when I didn’t even know about keywords, is only getting about 10 visitors a day. And that’s inspite of the fact that the website looks great!

So, as my story demonstrates, building a website is not just about getting webspace, writing some pages and creating a nice design. That’s the least of it. These basics of how to make a website are relatively simple.


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