The information of Asensus Surgical Inc.

Asensus Surgical Inc is formerly known as TransEnterix, Inc. it is traded in the new york stock exchange as AMEX ASXC at deal with the business of medical devices particularly with the field of robotics in surgery.


TransEntrix, Inc stated in 2006 initiates with minimally invasive Surgery. They enhance their devices in the new concept called Digital Laparoscopy that includes Augmented intelligence, connectivity and robotics for the first time. It encourages the vision of robotic surgery supported by the Intelligent Surgical Unit. They are very firm in their idea that the future goes in the hands of robotics and so they practised it to empower surgeons with visualization and dexterity. Their aims to satisfy the patient after the operation and to recover soon from their illness. They provide the robotics that meets their expenses while comparing with the present new alternatives. The cost of these robots only made people use them in medical surgery. They exposed it to the market for the commercial purpose to equip the Senhance System.

In 2019, the company got FDA clearance for the Ultrasonic system, articulatory system and also to improve the micro laparoscopic surgeries. In March 2020, the company claimed its FDA clearance for abdominal robotic surgery through an intelligent Surgical unit.

Reverse Stock Split

Its trading is split and traded as NYSE American in 2019. They made a reverse stock split by rounding up all the fractional share. As an effect of it, the outstanding stocks reduces to an average of 261.9 million shares. It collaborated with Cantor Fitzgerald & co and pursued an aggregate of 25million $ as a common Stock Sales agent. In September once again made an underwriting with the cantor and gained a profitable income.




After clearing the FDA clearance, the ultrasonic system is used to deliver the controlled energy and divides the tissues in thermal injury. then the articulating system was introduced in Europe and it leads a pathway to bring the system to the US in 2020. At present, they supply 40 instruments and accessories for the betterment of the people.

SurgiBot System

In 2017 they entered the field of SurgiBot. It is designed to use the robot as assistance in surgery as assisted by the doctor. They simply stand and operate these robots for assistance and also as a supplier of equipment in a quicker manner to get the instruction as fast as they can. To achieve this the company joined hands with Great Belief International Limited GBIL to take their product to global communication. Then they take it to China and entered the global trade of China National Scientific and Instruments and materials company (CSIMC). They planned to reach their target in china by 2023. Before trading, you can find other stock like nasdaq bynd at for investing.


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