Vodafone Launches Cheapest Deals So Far for a Free Samsung Galaxy Note

Vodafone Launches Cheapest Deals So Far for a Free Samsung Galaxy Note

The new Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most expensive handset releases from the manufacturer this year demanding a similar price tag to the recently released flagship Samsung Galaxy Nexus but a selection of Vodafone contract deals have now been launched which are the cheapest available with a free phone included.

Since its initial release a couple of weeks ago the new Samsung Galaxy Note could not be purchased by consumers on contract deals with less than a £41 charge per month, this was on the Orange network and Vodafone have just released a Galaxy Note deal that includes a free phone that only asks for £36 line rental.

This new Samsung Galaxy Note deal is on the ‘Vodafone 600’ tariff which offers an inclusive data bundle of 500MB every month which will be well used by this new Android phone that requires an internet connection to maintain some of its crucial features.

Also included in this new Vodafone deal for the Galaxy Note are 600 minutes which the customer can use at any time of the day to call landline numbers as well as other mobile networks, making this new package even more attractive is unlimited text messaging every month and the fact that it is a full £5 cheaper than the previous best deal offered by Orange. samsung galaxy s21 5g

So what does the new Samsung Galaxy Note on Vodafone offer?

The most obvious thing about this new phone is the size of its main screen, measuring an industry leading 5.3 inches it is by far the largest currently available with the HTC Sensation XL and HTC Titan following in second with 4.7 inch displays and the brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus with its 4.65 inch touch screen.

The sheer size of the Super AMOLED display almost knocks the Samsung Galaxy Note out of the smart phone category and into the tablet market but on closer inspection this is very much a phone.

Running on a fast, dual core 1.4GHz processor which is even faster than the best-selling Samsung Galaxy S2 and powered by an enormous 2500 mAh battery this new handset may have dimensions of 146 x 83 mm but at just 10mm thin it is still easy enough to slip into a pocket.

On the reverse of the phone is an 8 mega pixel camera which allows the user to record high quality 1080p full HD video clips and on the front of the handset us a secondary camera for video calling. (Those using Apple products such as the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 will know this as ‘Facetime’).

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